1. That morning was my very first morning of attending BSF. I went to my neighbor’s house and we rode together and spent quite a bit of time praying. it was an especially impacting on us because my neighbor and best friend’s granddaughter was attending school right across the street from the towers. She made it home safely,But was never able to return to school after that.
    It was a perfectly wonderful place to be on such a horrible horrible day.

  2. Thank you so much. You are right, and I hope many, if not most, of our colleagues might have acknowledged the sacrifices many offered on that fateful day, and commemorated same last Sunday, 09.09 since it was the closest to the date, to be lifted in worship.

    Thank you once again for the timely reminders and support.

    Blessings on your endeavors.

    • Thanks Pastor Mensah for your comments. I have been thinking about you … will be in touch with an email … we should be having regular coaching calls. Like at least a couple times per month. let’s get those set up soon. CT

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